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The only reason that I cannot send this to you is becasue you died! :(

Dear Uncle Richard,

     Truthfully, I don't remember you... I remember being at your house and sitting on the counter... eating some kind of cerial with your son Anthony... I never really got to know you at all, to know what you are like! I wish I did, because you died when I was so young! I want to remember something about you, but the only thing I do really know is that you used to play the guitar... now my dad (Your brother) has let me use a couple of your books for me to learn the guitar on! I haven't used them much this summer, but I am hoping that I can get into it a little more when school starts! And people know about your "daughter" not really being your "daughter," dad knew like all along, but when grandpa found out he just called dad right away and told him, yet, lol, dad already knew! We don't go down to California much anymore! I wish we did, I love it down there! I hope you had a great life while you were alive... and I just wish I knew how it happened... no one ever told me... that I remember... how you died! I miss you (can I miss someone I didn't really know?) but I wish I knew you!


                                            Ur Niece!

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