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im new.. first letter

dear sam,
why do you have to be like everyone else? likeing her..... why do you have to be like every other boy in this school who wants her beucase she's skinny and has long blond hair? why cant you just grow up???? why are there plenty of people out there who understand the concept of a relationship? who understand that theres more to likeing someone than just for their body.. for their hair and the number of times they bat their eyelashes? i somehow thought you were different.. but i geuss not.. waht is this? you said htat im now one of your closest frineds.. then why do you ignore me some days? i just cant get my mind around your theorys. fine. hook up with her.. fine... like her..........ingore the sounds of me crying in the corner becuase your to blind to notice the fact that im a female...your too blind to see me as something mroe than your phycologist friend who you oflaod onto when thinking gives you a headache. you dont know how much calling me fat, or a fat bitch, or whatever makes me feel horrible. you'll never kno...... you make me feel so horrible about myself sometimes i want to scream!!!!!! SO HERE IT IS!!!!!

just for once, i wish i could give you the glasses needed to look at me in a different light, a light in which i break out of this best-friend-mold.

but i cant. so im stuck.. with you liking my best friend instead of me.......its a great position to be in.. once again im the eponine.

thanks for listening... and if you fuck her.. have a damn good time.. but dont tell me about it. i dont want to listen.

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Yup, sucks don't it?