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water is thicker than blood

I think you have dementia. At least that would make me feel better about the things you're doing (or not doing). At 87 years old, you're a likely candidate. I hadn't planned to move a thousand miles away, but I'm glad I'm going away from this area. Mom's dead, Dad was never a Dad, Shaun is involved in his marriage drama, and even though I'm the youngest, we all know who will have to deal with all the crazy crap you set up in your will. Dejavu, much?

You're sabotaging everything you want to do and I just hope I'm nowhere near when you die. Why don't you listen to me when I tell you that leaving everything to your last daughter, who is mentally handicapped, will only screw her life up? Dammit, why don't you believe me when I tell you she'll lose all her social security and disability benefits? I don't want your goddamn money; I wish you'd make some sort of trust for my niece. She's the only person who deserves anything.

I don't know how Mom didn't get tired of all the burdens everyone shoved off on her. Every last one of you did this to me, too. Nobody helped me square Mom's accounts. Nobody helped me. ARen't you supposed to be my family? Nobody even thanked me. I feel so isolated and unloved. God, I only have one person i can rely on and his kidneys failed. How long do i have him? Why can't I rely on you? Why are you making messes that I'll have to clean up if I remain near by?

All three of you have a wall around your minds, so I have no effect on you. I send my love to Mom, but I can't feel it reflected now. It is the same with you. It is like you are dead, too. I always thought that having such a tiny family would/should mean that we'd be even closer. Obviously blood isn't thicker than water at all. As far as I'm concerned, I only have my niece and I'm sure you're going to jack her up, too.
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