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dear you.

I so want to be a close friend to you, but you've gotten closer to one of my other good friends.
It seems like I'm not nearly as important to you as she is, which really crushes me.
We were best friends about a year ago, but then we drifted and I got closer to Kat and you got closer to Lucy.
You bared your soul to me the other night, pretty much poured out your heart, but I'm still a second rate friend.
But when you aren't with Kat, you seem to hate her. What's up with that? You and I both think she's dumb for smoking n' shit, but then when you're talking to her you tell her that you smoke, but you don't know what brand you 'just smoke whatever your sister does.'
Stop being so desperate to fit in.
You think you're such an individual and pride yourself on it, but then you just wanna be the same as the rest of us.
Stop making up your face and MAKE UP YOUR MIND.
From me, in 2nd place.
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