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broke my heart.
and you have no idea how badly it hurt.
so heres the story of what happened, because i never wanted to speak to you again.
i actually hope you read this. you asshole.
you liked me, and i liked you back.
we even arranged to go out one day.
but then K(my best friend) came along. you used to have something with her, but you said it was over.
because we were all good friends, you asked me out and i said yes.
then you asked if i wanted K to come, and i said "sure if you want"
you said " she can come another time? like maybe just us?"
and i said sure.
we never got to go out coz i was busy.
but then when i came back from holidays you asked if we wanted to go out again.
and then you said "do you want K to come?" and i said "uh maybe just us"
and you replied "ooooh come on why cant k come?"
i shouldv known from then.
but i was naive.
we never went out because he was busy.
then you invited me and k over to your house to meet all your friends.
we both accepted. it was to be on a wednesday.
the sunday before, dylan told me it was off. 
he said his friends had gone away so it would be kinda suss, me and kat going over and no one else.
and i said ok, we'll do something some other time.
so then me K and V (my other best friend) all arranged to go to luna park on tuesday night and then sleep over at my house.
V told me that her and K had to leave early coz she had orthodontist at 830, and k had to go to her grandmas house.
but in a myspace quiz that k did, it said;
What is your current annoyance?
My dad wants me to play golf with him on Wednesday but I've already made plans.
So i thought...hang on. they must be doing something together during the day they dont want me to know about.
then i realised it was the day that dylan had cancelled on me.
i put it together sunday night, and spoke to v on msn on monday.
me: why do you both have to leave soo early after lunaa?
v: coz i have to go to the orthodontist and k has to go to her grannys. so it would be more convenient if we both went at the same time...
me: my mum can drop you...and i'll come in the car
v: oh no i can catch the bus. its more convenient for you.
me: no it wouldnt be. v i know your lying. what are you really doing on wednesday?
v: i really have to go to the orthodontist...
me: and afterwards?
v: we're going to [location]....
now we happen to know NO ONE that lives in that location except for dylan. so i knew they were seeing him.
me: how dare you? v you have no idea how unfair that is on me!
so then the insults flew and she thought i had no reason to be angry.
my two best friends had just lied to me so they could go meet up with a guy.
V didnt even KNOW HIM.
dylan cancelled on me for no reason!
k called me [while she was at the movies with d] and was talking to me, trying to explain, while i was screaming at her.
it wasnt fair.
i didnt stop crying for 4 hours.
the tears just came from nowhere.
and that was my lowest point.

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