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Dear You

If only you knew...

Some letters are never meant to be sent
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"A dead letter is a letter that has never been delivered because the person to whom it was written cannot be found, and it also cannot be returned to the person who wrote it."

A dead letter is a letter that isn't sent. If you want to tell someone something, but for some reason, you just can't, you can write it here. It lets you get out what you need to say. There's a dead letter community on GreatestJournal and I thought we needed one hear too.

I have no real rules, just be a person, not a people (To me, there is a difference!)... in other words, be nice and respectful... in your comments... but by all means, if you want to bitch someone out, feel free to do it here!

And sorry if this community isn't that pretty, I'm not a big computer person!

Thank you!